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I'm the Carnegie-nominated author of Stonebird and Stormwalker and the founder of Feed Your Muse – the weekly newsletter for writers where I share storytelling, life, and business lessons from great creative minds.

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When 10-year-old Liam moves house to be closer to his dementia-suffering grandma, he's thrown into an unfamiliar place with a family that seems to be falling apart.Then he discovers an old stone gargoyle in a rundown church, and his life changes in impossible ways. The gargoyle is alive. It moves unseen in the night, acting out Liam's stories. And stories can be dangerous things...

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I've given talks at events like the Edinburgh Book Festival, and run workshops for schools around the country – with audiences ranging from small classes up to groups of 400.My transformation from reluctant reader addicted to PlayStation games to an award-winning author inspires kids and shows them that their dreams are within touching distance.If you'd like to book me for your school, festival, or library, pop me an email using the button below!

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