From rough draft and first sketches to finished book: Stonebird is getting closer!

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It’s been a very exciting few weeks recently, with momentum building on Stonebird and everything starting to come together. The final draft is finished, and all that’s left to do is watch it get transformed from a document on my computer into an actual real life book.

I’ve loved books for so long, and spent lunchtimes in Cambridge wandering Waterstones and Heffers just admiring the covers and drinking in the ideas and the images and stories on display. But I’ve never had an inside look into the process of how they become what they are.

Now I’m getting to see it all – every detail, every decision, every little bit of magic. And it’s so interesting. This month, I think, has been the month where it’s all starting to hit me. It’s real. It’s happening. Everything about it is fascinating and exciting and scary all at the same time.

But do you know what wasn’t scary? Getting to show off the book cover. I thought it would be – I thought it would be terrifying. But that was before I saw how perfect the Stonebird cover is.

Seeing it develop from rough sketches to the final glorious spread was a surreal experience, and a real thrill. I couldn’t wait to show it off to the world, because the artist, Frances Castle, did such a great job and it captures the themes and imagery of the story so perfectly.

It came as no surprise to see that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way! These are some of my favourite responses from Facebook and Twitter:



So that wasn’t scary. That was so much fun to be a part of, to have people seeing Stonebird and sharing their excitement in real time.

But today is scary. Because now advance copies of the book are out in the world! People are reading it as I type. Everything about today is normal. I got up like normal and ate breakfast like normal, and if I want to I can go for a walk like normal. Everything is normal, apart from the fact that I HAVE A BOOK AND IT’S OUT IN THE WORLD AND PEOPLE ARE READING IT.

In fact, the first review is already in! This is taken from the Bookseller:



I really hope that people like it. At its heart, it’s such a personal story, a story about the power of memories and the hope that you can find even in the most depressing situations.

So – November! An absolute bobby dazzler of a month. I can’t wait to see what the next three months hold, in the build-up to the book’s release.

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