A "wonderfully engaging and thought-provoking debut." - Booklist starred review

"A story about moonlight, magic and gargoyles by a promising new author" - Cambridge Edition

"The story left me with a hugely warm embrace and a skip in my heart. Beautiful." - Reading Zone

"A beautiful, delicate story" - The Bookbag

"This book is a perfect introduction to reading for a primary audience, especially for young boys who will be able to identify with Liam and learn both from him and with him. The book has a beautiful message founded in a strong moral compass, that every story must be told and every person, remembered in its telling." - We Love This Book

"A beautiful and heartwarming story that’s funny too! It’s makes you feel like a kid again" - A Mum Reviews

"Stonebird is a great debut novel. Full of fantastical fairy tale elements, the novel also is laced with realistic problems." - Adventures of a Teenage Bookworm

"A magical tale for young children that is certainly one not to be missed. A stunning debut." - Heather Reviews

"It is scary at times, and deals with dark subjects like bullying and dementia. But the accessible writing in this compassionate tale makes it suitable for a wide age-range. I would include adults in that, especially anyone going through a similar situation." - Serendipity Reviews

"I read this book in one afternoon and thought it was a truly beautiful and heart-warming story, from the aesthetically pleasing front cover until the very last page. Stonebird is a fantastic thought-provoking book with magic in each and every page." - Curious Ginger Cat

  Dogoreviews Reviews by kids for kids:

"Stonebird is one of the most unique and refreshing books I've read for a long time." - DOGO books

"I love this book. It's sad and happy at the same time. You should really read this book!" - DOGO books

"This book took me by surprise, because I loved it so much." - DOGO books

"Mike Revell's debut is one of the greatest books that I have ever read!" - DOGO books

"Brilliantly written, very moving, and I would definitely read more by this author." - DOGO books