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Gargoyles at the seaside: Felixstowe Book Festival

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On sunny days, there’s nothing quite like the fresh sea air and the whisper of waves as you walk along the beach, with the smell of fish and chips and candyfloss in the background. I don’t get to the seaside often enough, so when I was asked if I wanted to go to Felixstowe Book Festival, I jumped at the opportunity.

Hannah Rowe got in touch with me during the build-up to the event, and did a fantastic job of promoting it – from running interviews to making a brilliant gargoyle to go on the wall in the town library.

Stonebird was Book of the Month in the East Anglian Daily Times, and I got some letters from schools in the Bury St Edmunds area, where I planned to visit before the weekend. They were even all gargoyled up to look like the cover of the book!
I couldn’t have been more excited on the day of the festival. There was a panel of interviewers made up from reading groups of nearby schools, and as I took my seat on the padded throne set out for me in the library, the audience sat down around me.

I talked a bit about becoming an author, and why Stonebird is so important to me. I read a couple of chapters, before getting interviewed by the panel – and their questions were amazing and so well thought out. And of course I couldn’t let them get away without helping me to create another crazy gargoyle out of animal parts. This one’s even farting stars…


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