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A Gargoyle-filled February

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It’s hard to believe that March is just round the corner. It’s been a whirlwind month the fastest I’ve ever known. It’s passed in such a blur that I don’t even know where half the days have gone. But it was also packed with days I’ll never forget. . . days filled with family, friends, a whole lot of celebration, and even more GARGOYLES.

It started off in spectacular fashion. Stonebird launched on 5 February, and it’s amazing to know that the story I wrote, a story so close to my heart, is now out in shops all over the country, and that people are reading it. Not so long ago, it was just a Word document on the computer. Something I dipped in and out of during lunchtimes at work, or on the train. Now it’s a real life actual book!

I wanted to find a venue for the launch party that fitted the story, and luckily there’s a place in Cambridge that was perfect: Michaelhouse Cafe, overlooked by the imperious gargoyles of Gonville and Caius College:





Inside, the decorations were just as fitting. The super-talented Year 6 students at Mayfield Primary School in Cambridge spent a week on gargoyle homework especially for the launch. I popped in a few hours before the party, and was blown away by their efforts.

Some drew pictures of gargoyles based on the Stonebird cover; some made models out of clay; some even wrote poems and stories of their own! I collected it all and arrived early at the cafe so I could proudly display as much of it as I could. It looked fantastic strung up like bunting across the archways and along tables:



And that wasn’t the end of the brilliant gargoyle art, because my amazing agent Gemma brought along a specially designed cake that looked just like the book cover. It was so realistic that a couple of people even tried to open it!

Here it is next to Goliath, my friendly gargoyle statue:






I was blown away by the amount of people who showed up – friends travelled from as far afield as Manchester to show their support. The fantastic staff at Heffers brought 70 hardback copies of the book along and we sold out of every single one.

It was intensely wonderful seeing them all stacked up, and even more surreal signing them. Stonebird is real! I don’t think it’s going to sink in for a while.

Just look at all those books!



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